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With our Bulk SMS packages, you pay upfront for a specific number of messages. Buy only what you need.

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  • Buy only what you need
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Our Web SMS Features


Manage your
Address Book

Bulk SMS campaigns often require messages to be sent to thousands of contacts at a time. With Web SMS, all you need to do is upload your list of contacts in CSV format and you can automate the sending process.



Inside the Web SMS interface, conversations can be viewed using the 2-way SMS inbox and outbox. For auditing purposes, the successful delivery of messages sent can be tracked through delivery receipts; and, there’s top-ups and billing features, too.


SMS Templates and Personalisation

Our Web SMS platform allows you to create and save customisable templates for your messages. You can create templates for common messages and use custom fields to personalise messages for bulk sms, such as using a customer’s first name or including the current date in the message.

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Who uses Business Text Messaging?

Online Text SMS

Business text messaging is used by any business that needs to send messages to their customers instantly. Not only is it faster, it has the highest probability of the message being read than any other communication channel.

Our customers range from gyms and clubs for membership notifications, to retail outlets to promote sales, and any appointment-based services to issue reminders.